Campaign Management

For the busy business owner

By looking at statistics, we know that UGC (user-generated content) and influencer marketing are worth investing in. However, it can take some effort to research creators, negotiate a deal, and ensure content requirements and deadlines are met. With our UGC and influencer marketing management service, we handle everything and ensure the best creators are recruited for your campaigns.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing in which a brand or business collaborates with someone with a high level of social influence. The influencer typically promotes the brand and its products or services for some form of reimbursement, whether that be gifted products or monetary compensation.

What is UGC marketing?

UGC or user-generated content is content created by creators that portray a product or service from a consumer's point of view. User-generated content reflects authenticity and credibility. UGC is typically only used by the brand⁠—the creator never posts it.

We wrote an entire article listing the differences between UGC and influencer marketing. Click here to read it!

How does it work?

Before we start, we will send you a form with questions about the campaign. Based on the information you provide, we will research and contact influencers and/or UGC creators that will be a good fit for your campaign. We will negotiate a deal and collect payment and shipping information for you. Once the creator receives the product, we will ensure content requirements and deadlines are met.

(We handle everything except paying the influencers and shipping the products.)

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